07 January, 2008

Black Hat DC and Shmoocon 2008

Since Richard is a corporate schmuck now, I see the only training he is offering for the year is at Black Hat DC in February. I have heard him as a speaker at Shmoocon and in some smaller groups. I seem to recall that he presented a snippet of TCP/IP Weapons School at one local meet and would definitely recommend it. I think he will be ready to tweak the class to the appropriate skill level of his audience.

The Black Hat training classes seem decent if unsurprising. Metasploit 3.0, Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro, ROOTKIT, TCP/IP Weapons School, and Web Application (In)Security probably would interest me the most. Instructor-led training is expensive!

Speaking of Shmoocon, I plan to be there for all three days. It's an enjoyable event.

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  1. See you at shmoo! Shoot me a holla, you can find my email on my about page. It's going to be a great time... :)