01 November, 2008

Shmoocon 2009 tickets

Tickets for Shmoocon 2009 went on sale at noon EDT today. All the "Early Bird" tickets for $100 went quickly but there are still some "Open Registration" for $175 and "I Love Shmoocon" for $300.

I like the way Shmoocon sells their tickets using three different rounds with three different price points in each round. Here is their chart with dates of sales. Noon is always the start time. Shmoocon itself is February 6 - 8.

Date Tickets to be Sold Early Bird Open Registration I love ShmooCon
November 1, 2008 200 300 10
December 1, 2008 200 300 20
January 1, 2009 100 100 20

One really cool contest I noticed this year is Barcode Shmarcode. The Shmoocon ticket has always been simply a barcode they email to you after you purchase. This year, they want people to modify their barcodes to be unique and awesome while still scanning properly. They'll grade on originality, best use of theme, best use of materials, and most error free scan. I look forward to seeing the results.

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