14 March, 2010

March Slackware-current: libblkid.so.1

 The Slackware-current updates from March 1, 2010, included updates to both the e2fsprogs package and the util-linux-ng package. An important thing to note is that libblkid was moved out of e2fsprogs and into util-linux-ng. If you search the web for libblkid.so.1, slackpkg, util-linux-ng, and e2fsprogs, you will see various forum posts about not being able to boot. This is because libblkid.so.1 is required to mount and the updates included a new kernel, which meant a lot of people updated then rebooted without having util-linux-ng installed.  Booting without the library will get you error messages about libblkid.so.1 not being found when the system tries to mount the drives.

$ man libblkid
LIBBLKID(3)                                                        LIBBLKID(3)

       libblkid - block device identification library


       cc file.c -lblkid

       The  libblkid  library  is used to identify block devices (disks) as to
       their content (e.g.  filesystem type) as well as extracting  additional
       information  such  as  filesystem  labels/volume  names, unique identi-
       fiers/serial numbers, etc. 
If you don't already have util-linux-ng installed then make sure to install it before rebooting since the update to e2fsprogs will remove libblkid.
$ sudo slackpkg update
$ sudo slackpkg install util-linux-ng
$ sudo slackpkg install-new
$ sudo slackpkg upgrade-all
If you get stuck because you ran upgrade-all, don't have util-linux-ng installed, then rebooted for the kernel update, you can boot to the Slackware install CD or DVD so you can install the old version of e2fsprogs or the new util-linux-ng. This will allow you to boot normally then fix whatever is needed, such as installing the new util-linux-ng and/or upgrading e2fsprogs.