27 March, 2008

Upgrading from Sguil 0.7.0 CVS to RELEASE

Sguil 0.7.0 was released this week. The upgrade from 0.6.1 takes a little more effort because of the change to multiple agents, but since I was already running 0.7.0 from CVS, upgrading was fairly easy.

The Sguil overview page at NSMWiki notes some of the differences between 0.6.1 and 0.7.0. It also has some nifty diagrams someone (***cough***me***cough***) contributed that may help people visualize the data flow in Sguil 0.7.0.

Here is how I upgraded from CVS to the release version.

First, I pre-staged the systems by copying the appropriate Sguil components to each system. Then I shut down the agents on all sensors and stop sguild on the server.

Looking in my sguild directory, there is not that much that will actually need to be replaced.

$ ls /etc/sguild/
CVS/ certs/ sguild* sguild.email sguild.users
archive_sguildb.tcl* contrib/ sguild.access sguild.queries sql_scripts/
autocat.conf lib/ sguild.conf sguild.reports xscriptd*
I start by making a backup of this whole directory. The files or directories that I don't want to lose are:

sguild.conf: sguild configuration file
sguild.users: sguild's user and password hash file
sguild.reports: I have some custom reports, including some based on the reporting and data mining page of NSMWiki.
autocat.conf: used to automatically categorize alerts based on specific criteria, and most people that have done any tuning will hopefully have taken advantage of autocat.conf
certs/: sguild cert directory

Some people may also have added standard global queries in sguild.queries, or access controls in sguild.access. These are all basically configuration files, so if you have changed them you may want to keep them or include the changes in the new files.

After deciding what I need to keep, I upgrade the server.
$ mv -v /etc/sguild/server ~/sguild-old
$ cp -R ~/src/sguil-0.7.0/server /etc/sguild/
$ cp -R ~/sguild-old/certs /etc/sguild/server/
$ cp ~/sguild-old/sguild.users /etc/sguild/server/
$ cp ~/sguild-old/sguild.conf /etc/sguild/server/
$ cp ~/sguild-old/sguild.reports /etc/sguild/server/
$ cp ~/sguild-old/autocat.conf /etc/sguild/server/
Then I edit my sguild init script to remove "-o" and "-s" since encryption is now required instead of optional. The new version of sguild and the agents will give errors if you start them without removing the switches.

I start sguild and see that it is working, so next is the sensor. On the sensor, I backed up the conf files first.
$ cp -v /etc/sguil-0.7.0/sensor/*.conf ~/
$ rm -Rf /etc/sguil-0.7.0/sensor/
$ cp ~/src/sguil-0.7.0/sensor /etc/sguil-0.7.0/
$ cp ~/*.conf /etc/sguil-0.7.0/sensor/
Then, I edited all the agent init scripts to remove the "-o" switch. The agents are pads, pcap, sancp and snort. Now I can reconnect the agents to the server and the only thing left to do is upgrade my client. For the client upgrade, I replace everything except the sguil.conf file. If I made any modifications to my client, I would also need to incorporate those into the new client.

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