09 April, 2008

PADS signatures, NSMWiki, OpenPacket

I added a few PADS signatures to the NSMWiki. Anyone else that has some should definitely contribute since the standard signature set is fairly small and has a huge potential for improvement. I'm sure that any other useful contributions to NSMWiki are also appreciated.

Richard Bejtlich posted about OpenPacket being online. I think the idea is great and there is a strong community of people that have signed on to help him with various aspects of the site.

OpenPacket.org is a Web site whose mission is to provide a centralized repository of network traffic traces for researchers, analysts, and other members of the digital security community.
For anyone just starting out in digital security or looking to get into the field, I strongly encourage you to participate in the security community as a whole. The number of ways to participate are too numerous for me to list, but there is definitely a lot to be learned from others who are more experienced, less experienced, or just have different types of experience. Just reading blogs, news, mailing lists and other sites can be enlightening, and once you get your feet wet you may find yourself contributing in short order.

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